What makes your workplace fun and motivating?

What makes your workplace fun and motivating?

A motivating workplace helps to ensure staff are happy and enjoy being at work. Team building and social activities are appreciated by employees. There are lot of programs and initiatives that can be implemented within a workplace that help establish motivation & loyalty and increase workplace fun.  Here are three great ways to motivate staff:

1. Provide breakfast snacks at trainings or meetings.

Not only do employees get energy first thing but they get a chance to network and connect with their fellow co-workers. This promotes teamwork and partnership.

2. Social culture – friends at work

When employees make friends at work and care about each other, they tend to care about the company more. You can feel the energy and fun employees are having.  So allow time for employees to get to know each other. This is such a great Win Win for both the company and employees.

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3. Team building activities and celebrations

Many successful organizations not only work together but play together!  Bowling, birthday celebrations, ball games, dress up days, competitions, movies, ski trips, &  BBQ’s strengthen Relationships and boosts productivity.

Here are some questions to consider about motivating your workplace:

1. What initiatives does your organization have that promotes a motivating and fun workplace?

2. How and when do you celebrate successes?

3. What team-building activities and social events has your organization offered within the last year? Do staff get involved in developing these events?

4. Does your Sr. Management staff encourage staff ideas and workplace fun?


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